Welcome to “Southern Stomp” Line Dance Club

Last updated  st  December.  2019  

...WOW ~ we're getting really excited ~ Santa's getting ready !!!!... 

We're on the home straight for 2019... ~ as always, thanks for your support at our regular weekly classes and for supporting all the social Events throughout the year - 2019 ends with our Xmas Dance and the Betwixt & Between - but, what a fantastic 2020 we are in for.

December's Web edition already done; even 'twinkle toes' is on form and getting ready for Christmas! ~ here's this month's updates and forthcoming Social Events remaining in 2019.... 

Classes this week... all running normally - will it - won't it snow this year?  Just in case of adverse weather, please try to get used to checking out this Weather Alert post just in case we're forced to make last minute changes.  

'Cool it man'... Unwind Yourself... everything's just fine this week...