Dance Chart

Dances pre-lock-down new and old favourites across all the classes... we'll be returning to these gems as soon as we are able...

We'll be re-teaching and reviewing your favourites and those of these below that remain popular... We won't be rushing into teaching loads of 'new ones' that nobody knows anyway!!!~         Nos.:  1-2-3-4,  A: A Better Man, Adalaida, All the King's Horses, Amaze Me Grace, B: Better When I'm Dancin', Backroad Nation, Bonaparte's Retreat, Bored, C: Codigo, Cherry Bomb, Catch, Cards On The Table,  Crystal Touch, Celtic Duo, Country Mile, Champagne Promise,  Cold Feet,  D: Damn, Darling, That's The Truth!, Day of the Dead, Dance Monkey,  Dig Deep, Dance With Me Tonight, Dancin' The Dust, Dear Darlin',  Disappearing Tail Lights E: , F: Forget-Me-Not  G: Good Time Girls, Glory Glory, Gone West, Graffiti, H:  Hope & Faith,  Half Past Tipsy  I: I See Me, I Think I Found Love, I Close My Eyes, I'm Over You,  J: Just Another Woman, K: ,  L:  Lonely Blues, Legend,  M:  My Heart Is Gone, Marching Home, Miss Congeniality,My Angel and Me, and Morning Sun,   N:  Nenaghs' Church, Nothing But You,   O: Old Spice. P: Perfect, People Are Good.  Q: Quarter After One, R: Ride Away, Remember You Young,  S: Special Delivery,  Stomp Down, Sangria Sun, Sweet Attraction, Senorita La-La-La, Soul Shake, Story of a Heart  T:  Timbuktu, The Bull, Taking Chances, The Dance, Thank_You,  Texas Time  U:  Up,.  V:  Veil Of Tears . W:  World For Two,  Wintergreen, We'll Be Dancing, Waves Of Love, What I Miss Most, Whiskey Bridges,. X: .., Y:  .., Z: ..

How does it start? and actually how does it go !!!!!!