Dance Chart

New Dances taught and old favourites across all the classes… BOLD indicate latest dances taught

Nos.1-2-3-4,  A: A Girl Like YouA Little Love Trip,  After The Storm, All God’s Children, Angels On My Side, B: Better When I’m Dancin’, Blue Night Cha, Bored, C: Cards On The Table, Champagne Promise,  Closer To You, Corn Don’t Grow, DDown On Your Uppers, Dance Her Home, Dance With Me Tonight, Dancin’ The Dust, Dear Darlin’, Dig Your Heels, Disappearing Tail Lights, Do A Little Life, E:Every Time She Walks By, F: Forget-Me-Not, G: Good Time Girls, H: Hearts On Fire, Half Past Nothing, Heavenly Cha, Human After All, I: If I Were You, I See Me,  I Got This TooJ: Just Another Woman, K: King of the Road (BFTP),  L: Lucky Touch, Lay Low, Lonely Drum, Love Her For A While, Love Is A Miracle, Love’s Just a Feeling, M: Melodia, Memphis Love, Mile Shy of Paradise, Missing, Mud On The Tyres, N: Nancy Mulligan, O: Old Spice, P: Pull You Through, Paddy’s Choir, People Are Good, Perfect, People Are Crazy, Q: Quarter After One, R: Raggle Taggle Gypsy O, Ride Away, Roots, Rose From The Sea, S: Story of a Heart,  Sweet Hurt, Slowly-Gently-Softly (SGS), Simple Things  T:  Tennessee Waltz Surprise,  Triple Mix, Telepathy,  This Is Me, The Boat To Liverpool, The Real Deal, The Queen,  U:  ..   V:  .. W: Wandering Hearts, Water Off A Duck’s Back, Who Do You Think You Are, Whiskey Tango, Woman Trouble, Written In Scars, X: .. Z: ..

You see ~ practice does make perfect!!!