Dance Chart

Dances in 2022

We'll continue re-teaching and reviewing some of your old favourites and 'Blasts From The Past's [BFTP], whilst adding New dances as they come through...  Nos.:  1-2-3-4,  2 Stepping Away.  A: About Time, A Better Man, All the King's Horses, Amaze Me Grace, B: Bad Habits, Better When I'm Dancin', Bonaparte's Retreat,  C: Codigo,  Caribbean Plans, Cards On The Table, Cold Heart,  Celtic Duo,  Champagne Promise,  D: Damn, Don't Fly Away, Day of the Dead, Dig Deep, Dim The Lights, Dopamine, Dance With Me Tonight, Danger Twins, Dear Darlin', Disappearing Tail Lights  E: Everywhere,  Evergreen (BFTP)    F: Forget-Me-Not, Fields of Gold [BFTP]  G: Gone West, Green Green Grass, Graffiti.  H: Here We Go, Hearts Don't Rust, Half Past Nothing, Have You Ever Seen The Rain (BFTP),  Heavenly Cha.   I: Islands In The Stream, I've Seen It All, I Close My Eyes,  J: Just Another Woman.  K: ...  L: Lonely Drum, Latin FireLove Her For A While.  M:  Marching Home,  Mama & Me, Martha Divine.   N:  Nenaghs' Church, Neon Blue.  O: Old Spice. P:  People Are Good.  Q: Quarter After One, R: Ride Away, Raised Like That.   S: Special Delivery,  Sweet Ireland,  Storm and Stone, Starlights, Sangria Sun, Scotia Samba (BFTP), Senorita La-La-La, Soul Shake  T:  To Us It Did, Train Wreck, Til The Neons Gone, T-Bone Shuffle (+Tea&Coffee)[BFTP], Through Your Eyes, Til you Can't, The Dance, Them Boots, Tribal Town,  Telepathy   U:  Up,.  V: ... W:  World For Two,  What A Song Can Do, Wind In My Sails, Wintergreen, . X: .., Y: You Got Gold., Z: ...

"Southern Stomp" Christmas Dance - date changed to Sun 18th Dec 2:00~5:00pm ....  To avoid a clash with others, and to enable some who might like to attend both Xmas Dances, we've managed to re-book our Christmas December dance from the Sun. 11th to the 18th Dec~ we know this won't affect many, but, why spoil it - have fun.  Yes we are amazing!!!!