Dance Chart

New Dances taught and old favourites across all the classes… BOLD indicate latest dances taught…

Nos.1-2-3-4,  A: A Little Love Trip,  A Girl Like You,  Aces & Eights, After The Storm, Angels On My Side, B: Better When I’m Dancin’, Beautifully Broken, Blue Night Cha, Before You Met Me, Bored, C: Cards On The Table, Celtic Duo, Champagne Promise,  Closer To You, Corn Don’t Grow, D: Down On Your Uppers, Dance Her Home, Dance With Me Tonight, Dancin’ The Dust, Dear Darlin’, Dig Your Heels, Disappearing Tail Lights E: Every Time She Walks By, F: Forget-Me-Not, G: Good Time Girls, H: Hearts On Fire, Human After All, I: I See Me,  I Got This Too, If I Were You J: Just Another Woman, K: King of the Road (BFTP),  L: Lay Low, Let It Swing, Lucky Touch, Lonely Drum, Love’s Just a Feeling, M: Melodia, Missing, Mud On The Tyres, N: Nancy Mulligan, O: Old Spice, P: Paddy’s Choir, Pull You Through, People Are Good, Perfect,  Q: Quarter After One, R: Ride Away, Roots, Rose From The Sea, S: Sweet HurtStory of a HeartSlowly-Gently-Softly (SGS), Simple Things  T:  Things, Triple Mix, Telepathy,  The Real Deal, The Queen,  U:  ..   V:  .. W: Wandering Hearts, Wink Wink, What I Miss Most, Water Off A Duck’s Back, Wild Card 18, Who Do You Think You Are, Woman Trouble, Written In Scars, X: .., Y: .., Z: ..

You see ~ practice does make perfect!!! ..., can I stop now!!!!      :oops: