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10th Oct. Update  

Today we received an update from our International Dance Teachers Association and the Best Western Dance Academy regarding The Rule of 6 and possible re-opening advice and insurance inferences.  Unfortunately, it is clear that whilst you ’could’ try to interpret our Line Dance under the category of ‘Sport and Leisure’… the documents remind us throughout their publications that this is only their 'interpretation' and not definitive advice ~ and we need to seek written confirmation from our insurers before this is even feasible ~ never the less the signs are encouraging.  

Whilst we’re aware some teachers have started back…, the rationale and key issues that led to our closure remain unchanged - ‘your safety comes first’ and we consider the risk too great (especially given the recent rapid rise in cases) to return at this moment.  *It is worth stressing that in order for venues to be deemed safe – they must be a ‘COVID Secure Building’ – and that doesn’t mean squirting a bit of hand gel and ‘Mr Sheen’ around !     It is extremely difficult to envisage how we could safely operate in the kinds of halls we use and meet requirement in accordance with the current  ‘COVID-19 Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities.’

We remain concerned that starting classes too early could have a devastating impact on any one of you and we may open only to have to close again within weeks.  Don't forget - if anyone caught it (or mistakenly just flue), we'd  ALL have to self-isolate, we'd be opening and closing like a yo-yo!   With the increase in cases (as predicted) and with the rise in infection rates and hospital admissions now accelerating – we feel re-opening our classes now would be inappropriate. 

January 2021 – We aim to review the situation in Jan 2021 and if all three areas of our concerns are met, we hope to return.   1. Hall availability: the halls we use are reviewing their possible opening in January.   2. Insurance - we will seek written confirmation from our insurers regarding our and your cover.  3. Government Regulations: we’ll work in accordance with the guidelines available in January and review the viability and safety for us and our members.

We miss you all madly – the dancing, laughter/chattering, the events and trips out… they’ll all return in good time, but, we want to make sure we’re all in a healthy place and can enjoy them together WHEN the time is right.  Until we’re back, we’ll keep the weekly Zoom meetings going (every Wed at 7pm) – they’ve been really fun and lovely to see and catch up with you all on (including our “Southern Stomp” WhatsApp group… Obviously, this is a constantly changing situation – but, until we can get back on the dance floor together ~  let’s all keep safe and well  ~ Phil & Joy

Whilst we're feeling sorry for ourselves not being able to return to our classes - spare a thought for all the many companies and artists being hit by this damn virus... It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that IoW Tours Ltd. went into receivership Wed 7th Oct.   Many of you will have enjoyed countless trips and Line Dance Weekends with Oli (and the entire IoW team in support).  Our very first L.D. trip with IoW, some 27 years ago saw a very fresh and slightly nervous  Oli jump on the coach and introduce himself... out thoughts are with all their staff and many like them up and down the country.

Here’s How:  Every week, Phil & Joy will send out an email message with an embedded internet link… all you have to do is:
Double click on the Link (in Blue); once it opens, a box will appear asking you to

Complete Action Using ? [click on Zoom) then…another box opens asking you to…
Please enter your name (type in your Name…) then press OK …   easy.... 

If you have not received your weekly email by 1pm on the Wednesday ~ please do not hesitate to email Phil & Joy and we'll send out an invite direct to you.... 

Thank you for your continued support and during these unprecedented times, your contact and engagement with email, WhatsApp, and other platforms  will carry us through our 25th year as a Line Dance Club ~ it's great seeing so many of you on Wednesday's Zoom

Classes this week... ~  "Southern Stomp" All Classes and Events/Socials Remain Closed until further notice…

2020 All Social Events Calendar for  the remainder of 2020 -  Events Suspended until further notice... 


Dates for your diary next year (2021): *  LD Holiday's for next year have been agreed... Trouville Hotel - IoW  Fri 26~Mon 29th March 2021... and The Cumberland Hotel - Eastbourne Fri 29th Oct ~Mon 1st  Nov. 2021             *  'Chichester Canal & Cream Tea Cruise' -  18th June 2021. 

Past Events.... What we've been up to in 2019...  and thus far this year 2020 ...

Tina  - Cancelled ~   The Tina Turner Musical at the Aldwych Theatre LONDON. - Thursday 6th Aug 2020  

'Chichester Canal & Cream Tea Cruise' - Friday 19th June 2020 Cancelled ~  however, Joy has already reschedule this event for June next year. 

'Annual "Southern Stomp" Skittles Competition 2020- this year's  'hotly contested' 'Annual "Southern Stomp" Skittles Competition Friday 15th May ~ Cancelled 

Rick Storm - 12th April ~ Cancelled

*The Isle of Wight  Ocean View Hotel in Shanklin, with Kim Ray Line Dance Holiday ~ 6th - 9th March 2020...; was fabulous, great weather, plenty of dancing and a GREAT bunch of "Southern Stomp"ers to make it a wonderful holiday. 

*Valentine Line Dance  Sat. 15th Feb.  thank you all for your wonderful support... we didn't let a little rain and wind dampen our spirits; wishing you all safe and well [hope Denise didn't cause anyone a problem].  

*  'Steve Lovett' - was amazing... what a fabulous way to start our 25th Year celebrations... watch out for next year 2021!

* "Southern Stomp" Alternative Christmas Card ~ Raising an amazing £308.08 for our local 'Food Bank'  - thanks to all who contributed (see presentation pic below); and, thanks so much for your lovely messages.

* The Xmas Dance was fantastic and thank you all so much for our lovely prezzies and surprise.... the  'Betwixt & Between' - was a blast - thanks for your support; it was great working off those calories - now I can celebrate New Years Eve in style, more food! 

* Christmas Dance 21st Dec - Thank you all for such a fantastic evening - so much wonderful food - some of you should be on 'Master Chief' !  We were so thrilled with your lovely gifts and prezzies, you really are a delightful group to teach and to have as fun members of the "Southern Stomp Line Dance Club" 

* Christmas Lunch - Three course meal at the Star was as usual fantastic.... great food, glasses of bubbly and wonderful friendships/company.

*  "Southern Stomp" Eastbourne Line Dance Holiday ~ was a huge success and Thanks to IoW and especially Michelle... great weekend. 

* What an amazing "Southern Stomp" Barn Dance ~ 19th Oct. it was absolutely fabulous - great fun and great live entertainment with the Ded Effnik Band.

Sept.'s "Southern Stomp" Dance ~'Back to School' was Saturday 14th . Sept. and another great evening with 45 dances danced!!!!

* Summer Sizzling ~ Family Fun Day at Ascension Church PEACEHAVEN ~ Sat 31st Aug [Our  "Southern Stomp" demo slot was at 1pm ~ and didn't we look great].  

* Alfriston Walk & Picnic' Fri 9th Aug. 

July's  'Red, White & Blue Knees-Up was loads of fun and despite being quite warm, you danced loads of dances and the cakes were yummy... !

June's "Southern StompFULL trip to... Hampton Court Palace was a huge success; maybe do it again again next year!

MAY's "Southern Stomp" magical  trip to see "Wicked" at the Apollo Theatre, London, Wed 15th... was full!!!

* Annual "Southern Stomp" Skittles and Supper Evening was a huge success again this year, so thanks to everyone for making it such a fun evening;  the hotly contested  2019 Competition was won by "Team With No Name" with 219 points ~ the Wooden Spoon's went to team "W'ot'ever" with 186 points; Ken J scored the highest individual score with 46 Points, and... well lets just say some didn't get as many!!!!

Our last Spring Line Dance Holiday was in the Isle of Wight  March 2019 ~ Ocean View Hotel in Shanklin was really excellent.    

The Valentine Social  was a really fun packed evening ~ loads of dances and fun... special Birthday cakes!

Snow White ~ What a fabulous day we had in London, great seats in the beautiful London Palladium Theatre and treated to a fantastic show with some well known celebrities !  We had a great driver and a view of the Christmas Lights before heading home, this could well be a repeat performance next year  ~ oh yes it could I hear you say . . .